Wellington Airport able to process international travellers immediately

3 Aug 2020

Once given the go ahead from government, Wellington Airport will be ready immediately to process international travellers.

Chief Executive Steve Sanderson said “Wellington Airport is ready to handle Pacific bubble passengers and would welcome the return of Pacific connections to Wellington”.

“All Pacific passengers can be safely processed in the main terminal buildings, with all passengers fully segregated from domestic travellers using an existing movable wall and additional constructed channel. Our plan also enables us to quickly reinstate additional health checks for departing passengers if required”.

“The limited number of repatriation flights from covid-19 zones into Wellington are handled entirely on the Western side of the airport. This is on the opposite side of the runway from the main terminal and passengers can’t mingle with the public or other passengers before being bussed to quarantine facilities”.

“We have worked on this plan with local representatives of border and security agencies over the last week and are now waiting on government approval”.

“We are very keen to facilitate safe travel between New Zealand and the Pacific and are ready as soon as we get the go-ahead”.