Construction noise

Regular construction and maintenance works are undertaken within the airport, including:

  • Pavement construction and resurfacing
  • General maintenance works to the runway/taxiway infrastructure
  • Capital work projects such as new/replacement buildings
  • Lighting installation and maintenance
  • Work on the seawalls and structures

Operational constraints at the airport often requires that works are carried out during the flight curfew (1am to 6am). We are mindful of the close proximity of residents to Wellington Airport, and our procedures require noise mitigation measures to be planned and implemented for all projects.

Night-Time Construction Works

Below is a list of works we are currently working on at the airport.

For all these works, our project team and contractors will take all steps possible to minimise noise and disruption to you. This includes using the most efficient equipment and noise screens to shield noisy machinery during operation, doing noisiest work before 10pm where possible, and ongoing communication with site crews to avoid unnecessary noise during the works.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this work may cause.

Taxi Pick-up Lane

From Sunday 7 November until early December, we will be repaving one of the taxi parking and pick-up lanes on Level 0 of the airport terminal (within the area shown in yellow below). As the work is within an operational area, this work must take place at night (between 8pm and 5.30am) for safety reasons and to maintain daytime access to the taxi pick up lane and pedestrian area.

construction noise taxi lane.png


If you have any questions please contact us on 0508 AIRNOISE or complete our enquiry form.

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