Wellington International Airport is roughly 8km from the CBD. It’s approximately a 30 minute bike ride along a signposted route by State Highway 1. For information and tips on cycling around Wellington visit

Parking your bicycle

As part of the multi-level car parking building and transport hub, there is now a designated bicycle parking area. This includes 10 new 'Locky Docks', providing free, simple and safe bike parking.

The Locky Docks can be used with a Snapper card, credit card or via the app. More information on using them is available here.

There is also a bike fix-it station with tools, bike pump and a stand to hang your bike located beside the bicycle parking area to assist with bike assembly or any repairs.

To access this area, follow the signs towards Covered parking, as you near the bottom of the entry ramp, keep far right and use the lane marked Loading Dock. At the end of this lane is a give way, which must be adhered to as this is the bus exit lane. Proceed with care right and then left up a small ramp into the bicycle parking area.

Bicycles are left at your own risk. Wellington International Airport cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. We recommend you take the appropriate security precautions:

  • Use a Locky Dock or a quality lock such as D-shackle or multi-braided cable with “Sold Secure” rating.
  • Lock both wheels and the frame to the bike stand.
  • Take removable parts with you if possible.