Website accessibility

It’s important to us that our website is usable and accessible for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of our website accessibility features.

Navigating between links, buttons and tabs

People can move between different page elements (links, buttons and tabs) by pressing the tab key.

A blue outline clearly indicates what page element you are focussing on.

Pressing enter will select that page element (eg if you are focussing on the Parking link, pressing enter will take you to the Parking page).

Screenreader-friendly markup

We’ve built our website so that screenreaders can identify website information accurately. We use HTML role attributes, which define what kind of object you’re focussing on (eg header, main content or footer).

If you’re completing a form, error messages appear inside the HTML label element.

Adjustable text size

We use relative font sizes, which means text can be enlarged or reduced using text size options in the browser. Use one of the following methods to increase the size of text on the screen:

On a PC: Hold down CTRL and press + or -

On a Mac: Hold down COMMAND and press + or -

JavaScript settings

All website content is accessible whether you have JavaScript turned on or off.


All images have text alternatives (alt attributes). People can navigate without images as most navigation elements are in plain text.

Assistance available at Wellington Airport

Wellington Airport is part of the Be.Lab programme and is working to continually make improvements to the accessibility of our facilities for all travellers.

Find out how we assist travellers and airport visitors use the airport with ease.