We aim to manage our operations efficiently, to care for our environment, our people, support the local economy and to give back to the community.

At Wellington Airport we are proud of our team spirit and passion for promoting New Zealand’s capital city and the region.

Equally important is our contribution to the Wellington community and New Zealand economy, the people we employ and environmental sustainability.


As the gateway to Central New Zealand, Wellington Airport helps businesses to prosper and tourism to flourish, as well as generating employment for at least 1,500 people on the airport precinct and close to 11,000 in the local economy. We are also a proud supporter of Wellington events and community organisations.

Airport activities do however contribute to traffic congestion, noise and carbon emissions. We understand our responsibility to manage an efficient operation that delivers excellent connectivity and customer experience while doing everything we can to care for our people, our community and the environment. We understand our corporate responsibility to manage a sustainable operation that delivers exceptional growth and enhances customer experience whilst doing everything we can to care for our people, our community and the environment.


By 2030, we aim to reduce our operational carbon emissions, waste to landfill and electricity use by 30% and we are committed to embedding sustainability across everything we do at Wellington Airport.

Projects already underway include:

  • Managing our buildings’ energy consumption under the guidance of our Energy Committee. This includes optimising our terminal heating and cooling systems to reduce our electricity and natural gas use, and replacing halogen lightbulbs with LED lighting
  • Encouraging suppliers and tenants to replace single use plastics with compostable alternatives - reducing the operational waste we send to landfill
  • Partnering with For the Better Good to trial composting of our takeaway coffee cups and offering the Again Again coffee cup deposit scheme at our café’s
  • Reviewing our public transport options and enhancing biking facilities
  • Partnering with Trees that Count, Te Motu Kairangi and Predator Free Wellington to support the regeneration of the Miramar Peninsula
  • Supporting our airline partners in initiatives to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This includes Performance Based Navigation routes to enable quieter and more fuel-efficient arrivals into Wellington Airport and significant investment in the electrification of aircraft ground power and service equipment.

Our Annual Review outlines our activities across these core areas, our priorities for the future and latest results.