International baggage

International baggage restrictions

There are restrictions in place on the amount of aerosols, liquids, and gels passengers can bring in their carry-on baggage for international flights.

Containers of liquids, non-solid food, and personal items in your carry-on must be 100 ml/100 g (3.4 oz) or less. All containers must fit in one clear, 20x20cm resealable, transparent plastic bag. If you want to take greater amounts of liquids, aerosols or gels on your trip you need to pack them in your check-in baggage.

Baggage exemptions

  • Liquids, aerosols, and gels purchased after clearing security.
  • Prescription medicines with a letter from your medical practitioner.
  • Medical items such as sprays, insulin, contact lens solution, and cough syrups.
  • Baby products such as breast milk, formula, sterilised water, baby food, and wet wipes.

For a full list of prohibited items and more information, please contact the Aviation Security Service.