Quieter Homes

We're offering home owners within the airport’s Air Noise Boundary a subsidised package of acoustic mitigation treatment designed to reduce aircraft noise in habitable rooms to a day/night average (Ldn) of 45 decibels.

The Quieter Homes programme will be offered to all homes within the Air Noise Boundary (built before 22 March 2012), with either a 100% or a 75% subsidy of the cost depending on the degree of aircraft noise you experience at your property.

All Quieter Homes packages will be specifically tailored to each property and are based on the proximity to the airport and the type of construction of the dwelling. As keeping doors and windows closed substantially reduces the impact of external noise levels, all packages will include a mechanical ventilation system. In some cases the ceilings, walls, windows and doors may require further treatments such as insulation, acoustic glazing or new seals to be installed.

The phased roll out of the Quieter Homes package to all home owners in the Air Noise Boundary has commenced, starting with those properties that experience the highest exposure to aircraft noise. As we progress through the rollout, we will contact each home owner with information on how to apply and the subsidy that will be offered.

Information about Quieter Homes and the offer is included in our information brochure. More detailed information about the offer and the acoustic mitigation treatments are included in the fact sheets.

Area 4 Application Form

Quieter Homes brochure

Quieter Homes roll out map

Fact sheet - Reducing aircraft noise at your place

Fact sheet - Mechanical ventilation system

Fact sheet - Glazing and joinery

Fact sheet - Construction works at your property

Fact sheet - Acoustic insulation

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Quieter Homes programme, please email your contact details, including your street address, to the address below or leave a message on the answer-phone number. A representative will contact you within three working days.

0508 AIRNOISE (0508 247 664)