People of the Airport - Logan Roberts

1 Jun 2023

Here at Wellington Airport we have a lot of amazing people working behind the scenes to make everything tick. To celebrate this, we've started a new regular series called "People of the Airport". This month is firefighter Logan Roberts.

“No day is the same here! We have a set schedule for each day, but that can be turned upside down very quickly.

“Like this morning for example, we had to drop everything for a medical callout.

“On a normal day we start the shift with an inspection of our gear to make sure it’s ready to go if we need to use it.

“There’s usually a gym session in the morning, and then training in the afternoons. That could be drills or simulations, whatever the Deputy thinks we need to work on.

“In the afternoon I’m also usually doing some study for courses I might be working on.

“The shifts are four days on, four days off for 12 hours at a time. I really like it – it can be tough working weekends, but it’s worth it in the end. It means you can do things like go to the shops when it’s not busy which is cool.

“After school I was mainly keen to travel. I worked in admin jobs, saving up money to pay for travel. I’ve backpacked solo around Europe, Japan and lots of other places.

“A few years ago I joined a volunteer fire brigade and enjoyed it, and then I saw this job opportunity come up.

“There is a fitness test to pass but I didn’t find it too hard because I like to keep fit – I usually train five to six times a week. I mapped out the beep test and had a go at it before hand, but that was the only real prep I did. For most females the hardest part is the pulley.

“The best thing about working here would be the people. It’s a really good supportive environment to work in. I’m quite early in my career and it’s great to have support from everyone, helping and answering all my questions. Shout out to my Red Watch Crew!!

“A highlight for me was a simulated accident we practiced here last year with a whole team of actors and Wellington Free Ambulance involved.

“Outside of work I play soccer, and like going to the gym. I love music and podcasts, and obviously travel when I can.”