Wellington Airport welcomes plan to reduce emissions

16 May 2022

Wellington Airport has welcomed the Emissions Reduction Plan and the importance of reducing emissions across the entire aviation sector.

“The plan recognises the critical importance of aviation in connecting people and goods, and the need for new technologies to decarbonise,” says chief executive Matt Clarke.

“Airports like Wellington have a major role in supporting airlines to transition to electric flights and new, sustainable aviation fuels.

“This means we need to reorganise our facilities to support these new and different requirements. Electric planes, for example, are likely to be smaller and more numerous but with larger wing spans than other short-route aircraft.

“Even in the short term, accommodating fuel-efficient aircraft and increasing the efficiency of the existing fleet will require additional stands and parking spaces.

“We are working hard to reduce our own energy use as well, replacing our gas boilers and working to cut our operational emissions by 30% by 2030.

“From July this year a new, direct and fully electric bus service will also be operating, giving travellers a clean and green option.”