People of the Airport - Fiona Gibb

13 Sep 2023

PEOPLE OF THE AIRPORT: It takes a lot of people to make Wellington Airport tick, so we're showcasing some of the amazing team working behind the scenes. Fiona Gibb is our Ambassador Manager:

"I work in Airport Operations looking after the volunteer team of 43 Airport Ambassadors, who are based at the information counters dealing with the public, handling queries and directing people to their flights.

"They’re a mostly retired group who like the social interaction and hustle of a busy airport. They get a buzz out of helping people and many say that going from ‘working and being busy’ to ‘retiring’, can be quite isolating.

"They are a varied group including teachers, builders, IT people, bankers, nurses, ex airlines staff, and some are still working but like the airport vibe. A lot of them do many different volunteer jobs around Wellington.

"My role has other components in the customer experience side of Airport Operations to make things better for people going through the airport.

"One example is the Hidden Disability program which is to help people who are travelling with a disability that isn’t obvious."

"I also manage customer surveys where we monitor how our airport is performing against other airports, and deal with complaints and look at ways to improve the customer experience."

Ambassadors Fiona

"When I walk about I’ll often photograph things and follow up with other people in the business if someone needs to fixed. It’s a busy and varied role – no one day is the same.

"Best thing about working at the airport? No one day is the same and time flies. I like that our team are all ages, different backgrounds and cultures so I get to work with people I might not normally have crossed paths with. There is good office banter which keeps the mind sharp!

"Highlights for me have been attending a black-tie dinner at Ohakea Airforce base in the officers mess. It was surreal as I spent my life watching the planes from my grandparents farm across the road.

"As we opened up the borders we set up a vaccine clinic and rolled out the covid vaccine to airport staff and front line workers. I had to coordinate all the airport staff and stakeholders to get everyone jabbed which was a big job.

"We were the first airport to launch the Hidden Disabilities initiative which we won an airport award for, and now six other airports have come on board.

"Outside of work, I like to be outside. Walking the dog in the hills around the South Coast, playing tennis with my friends, riding my bike. I like to cook, play Scrabble and Sunday night movies with the kids on the couch."