Orchestra Wellington gets Classical on Cuba

9 Jun 2020

Kickstarting live music again, Orchestra Wellington is bringing music back to the inner city through a creative partnership with CubaDupa organisers and WellingtonNZ, which will see twenty ensembles play over one hundred events in fifteen venues.

Musicians from Orchestra Wellington have been rehearsing in lockdown to perform in cafes, restaurants and bars at Classical on Cuba on the 27th and 28th June, in a magical interactive playground of delight, sound and taste.

The intention behind the event is to support the Cuba Street precinct bars and restaurants to bring intimate live classical music to the ears of patrons seated at their tables.

The orchestra will be divided into ​small ​chamber music groups to make up twenty ensembles including string quartets, brass trios, a percussion quintet, a harp and trombone duo, flute and marimba duo and will feature a percussion trio who will deliver a lively family show in the afternoon. The programme will also feature a vocal ensemble presented by Voices New Zealand.

The hosting venues will include some of the Cuba Precinct’s most iconic establishments, including San Fran, Laundry Bar, the Rogue & Vagabond, Hotel Bristol, Fortune Favours, Eva Beva, 1154 Pastaria and {Suite} Gallery.

Orchestra Wellington General Manager Kirsten Mason said it had taken plenty of creative thinking and planning to find new ways to re-connect safely with people as the country shifts alert levels.

“We’re looking at activities which meet the requirements of the current alert level,” says Orchestra Wellington’s General Manager, Kirsten Mason. “Our musicians are keen to get back to playing again, and we’re setting up safe ways to perform to people.”

“We're really excited to get back to performing live, and we can’t wait to bring people back to hear Orchestra Wellington.”

Orchestra Wellington’s long-standing partnership with CubaDupa, Wellington’s vibrant street festival, has inspired both the venues and orchestra to explore new ways to collaborate. CubaDupa Director Gerry Paul says “It is so exciting to have these ensembles perform in our quirky Cuba St venues and it will be wonderful to experience classical music in an intimate and casual environment."

"With lockdown having put a hiatus on live music, events like this will play an integral part in giving people confidence and purpose to get out again and it’s a great opportunity to be entertained and support these hospitality businesses that right now, need our custom more than ever."

Tickets are $5 per show and go on sale 9th June along with specific show info. They can be purchased through the Orchestra Wellington or CubaDupa websites. All proceeds go towards participating venues.

Classical on Cuba will happen on:

Saturday 27th June from 1:00pm Sunday 28th June from 12:00pm

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