Greater Wellington Regional Council to take over Airport to CBD Bus Service

9 Feb 2021

Airport Flyer

Wellington Airport today acknowledged Greater Wellington Regional Council’s proposal to establish a public bus service between the airport and Wellington CBD.

Wellington Airport’s Chief Executive, Steve Sanderson, said “The Airport Flyer service stopped operating in November 2020 when NZ Bus’s licence expired and since then we have been working closely with Tranzit to launch a new and improved service early this year.

“Having invested a lot of time in establishing this service, we are obviously disappointed Greater Wellington is proposing to take it over under the Metlink brand, but we are working with Greater Wellington to enable its service to begin as soon as practically possible.

“Unfortunately, the decision by Greater Wellington means a further delay to the start of a new service under the Public Transport Operating Model and a new tender process is required.

“We will work with Greater Wellington to deliver an improved service for travellers, which includes frequent and reliable scheduling, as well as access to Snapper and Metlink’s Real Time information screens. This will rely on Greater Wellington and Wellington Airport reaching a satisfactory commercial agreement, as we have with all those providing transport services to the airport, such as taxis and rideshare.

“In the meantime, there are a range of alternative transport options available including those with comparable costs to the previous Flyer service. These include the No. 2 Metlink bus, shuttles, taxis and app-based pick up. Wellington Airport also offers free pick-up and drop-off zones, as well as bike and motorbike parking and a range of car parking options.”

For further information about the transport and parking options available to and from the airport, visit our transport and parking pages.