Wellington Airport Urban Garden

8 Apr 2022

Edible Earth Porirua.jpg

Edible Earth Porirua

Wellington Airport's Urban Garden is a partnership with Edible Earth, a team of Kiwis who are striving to make New Zealand a better place by turning unused land into food sources for local communities.

The Edible Earth garden established in Porirua is a thriving success and we are delighted to have their expertise onboard to help us develop our own unique urban garden.

Following detailed planning with the Edible Earth team, work on the Wellington Airport Urban Garden site starts in April 2022. The garden site is located at 6-8 Bridge Street at the Northern end of the airport.

The initial work will include the installation of modern fully enclosed composting units and planting native trees along the roadside perimeter. The composting units will take coffee cups and green waste from the airport and other sources and turn these into wonderful nutritious compost to support the development of the garden!

Enclosed Composting Units.40.png

Compost Units

It will take around 4-6 months for compost to mature, so this will be the main activity over that period. Once the compost is ready to go, we will put the garden into development, using the compost to build garden beds and improve soil quality. Once the beds are built and soil is ready, vegetable crops will be planted.

Eventually, the food crops will be fed back into local businesses and charities, creating a circular economy which turns food waste into more food.

We are excited to be able to make use of the site for community benefit rather than leaving the sections vacant. Future activities will include community workshops and composting programmes, and the ability to participate in community volunteer days once the garden is in development.

“We have formulated a simple recipe that consists of food scraps, composters and a little bit of space to grow food it’s natural, it’s easy, it’s rewarding, it’s a solution to our ‘waste’ and it’s really, really enjoyable. Not only does the model replenish our soil and we are able to feed our surrounding neighbours which has created the most rewarding community.” Edible Earth

For more information:

If you have any questions please contact Chris Vidal our Sustainability Manager on 04 385 5100 or complete our enquiry form.