New body scanners and Smart Lanes for domestic flights

21 Oct 2020

Artist's impression of new international departures area

Next time you visit Wellington Airport, you can expect the screening process to look a little bit different.

From October 2020, the Aviation Security Service (Avsec) is rolling out new Smart Lanes and body scanners to replace older x-ray technology for passenger and baggage screening.

The new technology will enhance security, help speed up passenger screening processes, and improve passenger experience.

Smart Lanes have a number of efficient features including automated tray return systems and the ability for several passengers to unload their items at once, helping to reduce queues.

Body Scanners use low intensity waves instead of x-rays and ionising radiation, which enables Avsec to safely and quickly detect prohibited items worn or carried on a person. The new technology also identifies the exact location of any item, reducing the number of times Avsec staff need to do a full body search.

The Smart Lanes and scanners are stage one of an upgrade to our international departures area, which is due to be complete by the end of 2020.

To learn more about the body scanners visit Avsec’s website.