Flight Operations Briefing

Wellington International Airport Limited has prepared in conjunction with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority an online pilot briefing package to assist airlines, and operators of charter and business jet aircraft intending to operate at Wellington Airport.

The purpose of the briefing package is to provide aircrew information on local topography and weather patterns which can influence flying conditions, as well as information concerning the runway, obstacles and other infrastructure. It includes videos of the approaches likely to be flown into Wellington with pilot commentary on relevant features and performance aspects to be considered.

It is not to be used for flight navigation purposes. The official source of material for flight planning is the New Zealand Aeronautical Information Publication.

Please fill in the details below and a representative of Wellington Airport Operations will be pleased to contact you to provide relevant username and password details. Please note that this information may be made available to the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

Wellington Airport will be pleased to assist you with any other enquiry you may have concerning flights into WLG.