Visa Wellington On a Plate

Fire up your tastebuds

Visa Wellington On a Plate is Wellington's annual culinary festival that serves up great dining deals and incredible gastronomic experiences. Down a craft beer or two at Beervana, learn from local culinary experts in hands-on workshops, or a experience a 5 course degustation meal – there’s something to tempt everyone’s taste buds! Throughout August every year in New Zealand’s capital city, Visa Wellington On a Plate is the ultimate food festival with culinary events, set menus, burgers and cocktails providing a feast for the masses.

Festival Events

Over 100 festival events stretch across the Wellington region with the help of restaurants, bars, producers, hotels and hospitality pros put on events to teach and thrill Wellingtonians.

  • Dine Wellington: Wellington region’s finest eateries offer special set lunch and dinner menus, all including a regional beverage.
  • Garage Project present Burger Wellington: A battle of the best burgers in town where participants score each burger to help determine the best burger and burger + beer match.
  • Cocktail Wellington: A showcase of Wellington’s creative cocktail community where mixologists compete to serve up the most original cocktail with tapas matching.

How we help

Wellington International Airport sponsors VWOAP to celebrate the best of Wellington dining by providing them with assistance to promote Wellington as a foodie destination. Come dine with us!