NZ Red Cross Refugee Services

Helping new New Zealanders

The New Zealand Red Cross and their volunteers help refugees to settle and adjust within their new communities. They provide a range of practical support services to help with the challenges that come with adjusting to life in a new culture and society. They are the primary provider of community refugee resettlement programmes in New Zealand, supporting and empowering new Kiwis as they rebuild their lives.


While New Zealand has a formal Refugee Quota Programme of 750 places, Wellington welcomes 200 of these refugees. The New Zealand Red Cross refugee services provides them with:

  • Practical support with day-to-day settling into the community
  • Information sessions on tools needed to navigate life in a new community
  • Linking former refugee families to their wider communities.
  • Helping to plan employment and career goals
  • Assessing skills, including English language skills
  • Referrals to English or vocational training opportunities
  • Assisting with the writing of CV's and cover letters
  • Helping make appointments and get interviews
  • Organising work trials and work experience
  • Encouraging employers to employ refugees

How we help

Wellington International Airport is committed to fostering diversity. Through funding The New Zealand Red Cross, we’re able to do our bit in helping them provide refuge to people from all over the world.