Retail opportunities

Bring your brand to life

At Wellington International Airport your brand is exposed to thousands of people everyday. Gain greater presence within consumers’ mindsets to recall and recognise your brand as the number one choice for the travelling public. The brand experience at Wellington International Airport can help you:

  • Reach the affluent domestic and international passenger and extend worldwide.
  • Target geographic, demographic and customer profiles.
  • Provide point-of-sale exposure to consumers for new product and service launches.
  • Offer cross-promotion opportunities with existing retailers.
  • Ensure your brand is complimented by well established and recognised brands.
  • Showcase your product, and build on your brands image through joint marketing ventures and events within the airport.

Wellington Airport Wildcard programme

Wellington Airport’s Wildcard programme was launched November 2010 and has grown steadily every year since then. It's free to join and gives members exclusive offers for shopping, eating, car parking, special competitions and giveaways.

To enquire about retail opportunities at Wellington Airport contact us via our online contact form.