Media & filming

Media guidelines

We're more than happy to facilitate your visit to Wellington International Airport and can advise you on any requirements you might need. As we host a number organisations everyday, you need to get permission before entering the airport.

If you're filming an airline, agency brand, or employee you have to call their media contact and advise them of your presence. When contacting us, let us know the intended time and purpose of your visit.

Please fill out the Filming Request Form below and email it to the Marketing & Communications Manager on

Filming charges

We regularly host filming at the Wellington International Airport. We've hosted everything from American car commercials, car and helicopter chases on the runway, to episodes of television series and even a mini-series.

Our friendly Airport Managers will do their best to ensure you've got all the help you need in making the appropriate arrangements.

Rates depend on the size of the project. For more information please contact the Marketing & Communications Manager on 04 801 0122 or

Filming Request Form