Corporate charge card

The easy way for you to pay for parking at the Airport.

If your company travels regularly, the Corporate Charge Card is just what you need.

Each time you swipe in and out of the car park of your choice, your transaction is automatically calculated and recorded. At the end of the month, your company will receive an invoice making reconciling accounts quick and easy. Other perks include:

  • No monthly fee or hidden costs
  • No need to process expense claims or deal with petty cash
  • Transparency with comprehensive usage data provided monthly.

How to use it

Individual cards are issued specifically to one user only within an organisation and are the perfect option for those who are frequent visitors to the airport.

Shared cards are great for usage between a department or across a company. Shared cards can be utilised by any other number of authorised users and are not restricted to use by one person.

All you need to do is hold the card to the card reader at the barrier each time you enter and exit the car park. It's as easy as that.

Apply online

Apply online or for more information email