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There are no scheduled arrivals for 4:00am

SA17 Nelson6:00am
NZ402 Auckland6:30am
NZ331 Christchurch6:50am
NZ406 Auckland7:00am
SA25 Blenheim7:30am
JQ262 Auckland7:35am
NZ414 Auckland7:35am
NZ8105 Nelson7:35am
SA22 Picton8:00am
NZ8574 Tauranga8:00am
NZ410 Auckland8:05am
JQ287 Christchurch8:10am
NZ2502 Taupo8:10amNow Departs At 8:20am
NZ8100 New Plymouth8:25am
NZ8454 Napier8:25am
NZ8143 Nelson8:25am
NZ2232 Gisborne8:25am
NZ5082 Hamilton8:30am
NZ335 Christchurch8:35am
NZ2436 Palmerston Nth8:35am
NZ412 Auckland8:35am
NZ8027 Blenheim8:40am
NZ2301 Timaru8:50am
NZ8580 Rotorua8:50am
JQ274 Auckland8:50am
NZ5049 Dunedin9:25am
NZ420 Auckland9:30am
NZ5403 Queenstown9:30am
NZ337 Christchurch9:40am
SA31 Picton10:00am
NZ418 Auckland10:10am
NZ8109 Nelson10:15am
NZ8015 Christchurch10:30am
NZ8308 Hamilton11:15am
NZ426 Auckland11:15am
NZ8566 Tauranga11:20am
NZ2463 Blenheim11:25am
NZ8114 New Plymouth11:30am
JQ264 Auckland11:30am
SA385 Blenheim11:30am
NZ8440 Napier11:30am
NZ5401 Queenstown11:45am
NZ2234 Gisborne11:55am
NZ8141 Nelson12:00pm
NZ343 Christchurch12:15pm
NZ448 Auckland12:30pm
SA41 Picton12:30pm
CV21 Chatham Island1:00pm
SA447 Nelson1:15pm
NZ8085 Dunedin1:20pm
NZ428 Auckland1:50pm
NZ5327 Dunedin2:10pm
NZ8041 Christchurch2:10pm
NZ8460 Napier2:30pm
NZ2504 Taupo2:50pm
NZ446 Auckland3:00pm
NZ2236 Gisborne3:05pm
NZ8568 Tauranga3:20pm
JQ266 Auckland3:25pm
NZ5020 Hamilton3:35pm
NZ8582 Rotorua3:35pm
SA571 Picton4:00pm
NZ5601 Christchurch4:00pm
NZ452 Auckland4:00pm
NZ8131 Nelson4:05pm
NZ2581 Westport4:10pm
NZ8456 Napier4:10pm
NZ442 Auckland4:20pm
NZ8025 Blenheim4:25pm
NZ8848 New Plymouth4:35pm
NZ458 Auckland5:00pm
NZ8075 Invercargill5:05pm
NZ353 Christchurch5:15pm
NZ5098 Hamilton5:30pm
NZ464 Auckland5:30pm
NZ2192 Whangarei5:35pm
SA65 Blenheim5:45pm
JQ289 Christchurch5:50pm
SA713 Wanganui6:00pm
NZ8103 Nelson6:00pm
NZ2305 Timaru6:00pm
NZ8588 Rotorua6:05pm
NZ460 Auckland6:05pm
SA747 Nelson6:30pm
NZ2428 Palmerston Nth6:30pm
NZ474 Auckland6:40pm
NZ8029 Blenheim6:40pm
NZ5088 Hamilton6:40pm
JQ260 Auckland6:45pm
NZ2238 Gisborne6:45pm
NZ357 Christchurch6:50pm
NZ8570 Tauranga6:55pm
NZ8850 New Plymouth7:05pm
NZ2508 Taupo7:05pm
NZ8446 Napier7:05pm
NZ8157 Nelson7:05pm
NZ463 Dunedin7:30pm
SA95 Blenheim7:30pm
NZ476 Auckland7:35pm
NZ359 Christchurch7:50pm
NZ478 Auckland8:30pm
NZ5361 Christchurch8:40pm
JQ295 Auckland9:05pm
VA108INTLBrisbane12:20amAll Bags On Belt 3
NZ401 Auckland7:00am
JQ263 Auckland7:05am
SA16 Blenheim7:10am
NZ8026 Blenheim7:15am
NZ382 Christchurch7:30am
SA154 Wanganui7:30am
NZ8148 Nelson7:35am
SA18 Nelson7:40am
NZ8447 Napier7:40amCancelled
NZ2501 Taupo7:45am
JQ286 Christchurch7:45am
NZ8833 New Plymouth7:50am
NZ8635 Rotorua7:55am
NZ2425 Palmerston Nth7:55am
NZ405 Auckland8:00am
NZ2300 Timaru8:00am
NZ412 Dunedin8:00am
NZ2231 Gisborne8:00am
NZ5081 Hamilton8:10am
NZ8565 Tauranga8:15am
JQ273 Auckland8:20am
NZ8074 Invercargill8:25am
NZ2191 Whangarei8:25am
NZ407 Auckland8:30am
SA26 Blenheim8:45am
NZ334 Christchurch8:55am
NZ411 Auckland9:05am
SA21 Picton9:10am
NZ8146 Nelson9:15am
NZ415 Auckland9:35am
NZ8028 Blenheim9:50am
NZ8062 Christchurch10:20am
NZ8847 New Plymouth10:35am
NZ417 Auckland10:40am
NZ8579 Tauranga10:50am
JQ265 Auckland11:00am
NZ8453 Napier11:05am
SA32 Picton11:10am
NZ5083 Hamilton11:15am
NZ2233 Gisborne11:30am
NZ8585 Rotorua11:30am
NZ342 Christchurch11:35am
NZ421 Auckland11:45am
CV12 Chatham Island11:45am
NZ8110 Nelson12:15pm
NZ8110A Nelson12:15pm
SA386 Blenheim12:45pm
NZ427 Auckland12:45pm
NZ2302 Timaru1:00pm
NZ5032 Dunedin1:15pm
NZ5404 Queenstown1:35pm
NZ8046 Christchurch1:35pm
SA42 Picton1:40pm
NZ8461 Napier1:40pm
NZ2515 Taupo1:45pm
NZ419 Auckland1:50pm
NZ8309 Hamilton1:55pm
NZ8106 Nelson2:05pm
NZ8577 Tauranga2:10pm
NZ8010 Christchurch2:30pm
NZ439 Auckland2:35pm
NZ2235 Gisborne2:35pm
JQ267 Auckland2:55pm
SA448 Nelson3:00pm
NZ5406 Queenstown3:10pm
NZ457 Auckland3:25pm
NZ8843 New Plymouth3:30pm
NZ2450 Blenheim3:35pm
NZ5604 Christchurch3:40pm
NZ445 Auckland4:30pm
NZ8459 Napier4:40pm
NZ354 Christchurch4:45pm
NZ2505 Taupo5:10pm
SA572 Picton5:10pm
JQ288 Christchurch5:20pm
NZ449 Auckland5:30pm
NZ8024 Blenheim5:35pm
NZ8152 Nelson5:40pm
NZ451 Auckland6:00pm
NZ5328 Dunedin6:05pm
NZ2421 Palmerston Nth6:05pm
NZ8573 Tauranga6:10pm
NZ2237 Gisborne6:10pm
JQ261 Auckland6:15pm
NZ8631 Rotorua6:15pm
NZ5089 Hamilton6:15pm
NZ356 Christchurch6:15pm
NZ2580 Westport6:20pm
NZ8465 Napier6:20pm
NZ8140 Nelson6:35pm
NZ459 Auckland6:35pm
NZ8845 New Plymouth6:40pm
SA66 Blenheim6:55pm
NZ463 Auckland6:55pm
NZ358 Christchurch7:15pm
NZ8138 Nelson7:35pm
NZ461 Auckland7:40pm
NZ465 Auckland8:10pm
SA748 Nelson8:10pm
NZ5091 Hamilton8:15pm
NZ362 Christchurch8:15pm
JQ283 Auckland8:35pm
NZ5320 Dunedin8:50pm
NZ475 Auckland9:15pm
JQ283 Auckland8:35pmLanded 8:19pm
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Win a WOW Weekend in Wellington
Win a WOW Weekend in Wellington

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Ultimate travellers play their Wildcard!
Ultimate travellers play their Wildcard!

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