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There are no scheduled arrivals for 6:00pm

VA103INTLBrisbane6:00amDeparted 6:00am
NZ845INTLSydney6:40amDeparted 6:37am
NZ5051 Christchurch7:00amDeparted
NZ406 Auckland7:00amDeparted
JQ262 Auckland7:35amDeparted 7:40am
JQ287 Christchurch8:10amDeparted
NZ412 Auckland8:35amFinal Call
NZ2246 Gisborne8:40amDeparted 8:37am
NZ8316 Hamilton8:40amDeparted 8:38am
JQ274 Auckland8:50amFinal Call
NZ8151 Nelson9:15amDeparted 9:15am
NZ2465 Blenheim9:25amDeparted 9:45am
NZ5339 Christchurch9:30amDeparted 9:29am
NZ601 Queenstown9:55amFinal Call
SA311 Picton10:00am
NZ418 Auckland10:00amDeparted
NZ8590 Rotorua10:30amDeparted 10:40am
NZ339 Christchurch10:40amDeparted 10:39am
NZ426 Auckland11:00amDeparted 10:57am
NZ8114 New Plymouth11:15amFinal Call
JQ264 Auckland11:30amDeparted
NZ8155 Nelson11:45amDeparted 11:43am
JQ291 Christchurch11:50amDeparted 11:48am
NZ2471 Blenheim12:00pmDeparted 11:55am
NZ2585 Westport12:05pmDeparted 12:03pm
NZ5331 Christchurch12:20pmDeparted
SA411 Picton12:30pmDeparted 12:25pm
NZ454 Auckland1:00pmDeparted 1:00pm
NZ8119 Nelson1:10pmDeparted 1:10pm
NZ8836 New Plymouth1:40pmDeparted 1:48pm
NZ2433 Blenheim1:40pmDeparted
NZ8452 Napier1:55pmDeparted 1:58pm
NZ347 Christchurch2:00pmDeparted 2:01pm
SA511 Picton2:00pmDeparted
SA57 Nelson2:15pmDeparted 2:17pm
NZ8554 Tauranga2:20pmFinal Call
NZ446 Auckland2:45pmDeparted 2:44pm
VA107INTLBrisbane3:00pmDeparted 3:37pm
NZ2449 Blenheim3:00pmDeparted 3:00pm
NZ2303 Timaru3:05pmCancelled
NZ8441 Nelson3:10pmDeparted 3:10pm
JQ266 Auckland3:25pmDeparted 3:38pm
SA65 Blenheim3:30pmDeparted 4:07pm
NZ849INTLSydney3:30pmDeparted 3:35pm
NZ5020 Hamilton3:40pmDeparted 3:40pm
QF172INTLMelbourne3:40pmGo To Gate Lounge
NZ452 Auckland4:00pmDeparted 3:57pm
SA61 Picton4:00pm
SA611 Picton4:00pmDeparted 4:07pm
QF164INTLSydney4:15pmDeparted 4:11pm
NZ8456 Napier4:20pmDeparted 4:20pm
NZ8045 Christchurch4:20pmDeparted 4:18pm
NZ8133 Nelson4:30pmDeparted 4:30pm
SA67 Nelson4:30pmDeparted 5:12pm
NZ8075 Invercargill4:45pmDeparted 4:42pm
NZ2422 Palmerston Nth4:45pmDeparted 4:45pm
SA71 Picton4:45pm
NZ458 Auckland5:00pmDeparted 4:57pm
SA755 Blenheim5:00pmDeparted 5:13pm
NZ2497 Blenheim5:15pmDeparted 5:15pm
NZ8103 Nelson5:15pmDeparted 5:45pm
JQ289 Christchurch5:50pmFinal Call
NZ8043 Christchurch5:50pmDeparted 5:50pm
NZ2305 Timaru6:00pmDeparted 6:00pm
NZ460 Auckland6:00pmDeparted 5:56pm
NZ8588 Rotorua6:10pmDeparted
SA855 Blenheim6:30pm
NZ357 Christchurch6:45pmGo To Gate Lounge
JQ260 Auckland6:45pmGo To Gate Lounge
NZ2238 Gisborne7:10pm
NZ2508 Taupo7:10pmNow Departs At 7:20pm
NZ8314 Hamilton7:15pm
NZ8570 Tauranga7:25pmNow Departs At 7:40pm
NZ463 Dunedin7:30pm
SA95 Blenheim7:30pm
NZ359 Christchurch7:35pm
NZ480 Auckland8:10pm
JQ268 Auckland8:30pm
NZ478 Auckland8:45pm
JQ295 Auckland9:05pm
SA17 Nelson6:00am
NZ5047 Dunedin6:55am
NZ406 Auckland7:00am
SA25 Blenheim7:30am
JQ262 Auckland7:35am
NZ8105 Nelson7:35am
NZ2455 Blenheim7:45am
NZ8574 Tauranga8:00am
SA11 Picton8:00am
NZ2027 Blenheim8:10am
JQ287 Christchurch8:20am
NZ8100 New Plymouth8:25am
NZ8143 Nelson8:25am
NZ5082 Hamilton8:30am
NZ2451 Blenheim8:35am
NZ5609 Christchurch8:35am
NZ412 Auckland8:35am
NZ8580 Rotorua8:45am
NZ8454 Napier8:50am
NZ2587 Westport8:50am
JQ274 Auckland8:50am
JQ292 Auckland9:05am
NZ8089 Invercargill9:10am
NZ337 Christchurch9:25am
NZ5049 Dunedin9:25am
NZ420 Auckland9:30am
NZ8107 Nelson9:40am
NZ2506 Taupo9:45am
SA311 Picton10:00am
NZ418 Auckland10:10am
NZ2309 Timaru10:10am
NZ339 Christchurch10:15am
NZ8109 Nelson10:15am
NZ8983 Christchurch10:45am
NZ2479 Blenheim11:00am
NZ2438 Palmerston Nth11:00am
NZ426 Auckland11:15am
NZ8566 Tauranga11:20am
JQ264 Auckland11:30am
SA35 Blenheim11:30am
NZ603 Queenstown11:35am
NZ5019 Christchurch11:40am
NZ8440 Napier11:40am
NZ5401 Queenstown11:45am
NZ8187 Nelson11:45am
JQ291 Christchurch11:50am
NZ2234 Gisborne11:55am
NZ343 Christchurch12:15pm
SA411 Picton12:30pm
NZ448 Auckland12:30pm
NZ8141 Nelson12:30pm
NZ2033 Blenheim12:40pm
NZ2467 Blenheim1:00pm
CV21 Chatham Island1:00pm
NZ8572 Tauranga1:10pm
SA47 Nelson1:15pm
NZ8085 Dunedin1:20pm
NZ428 Auckland1:50pm
NZ8041 Christchurch2:00pm
NZ5327 Dunedin2:10pm
NZ8101 Nelson2:15pm
NZ2473 Blenheim2:15pm
NZ2303 Timaru2:20pm
NZ8460 Napier2:30pm
NZ347 Christchurch2:35pm
NZ2504 Taupo2:50pm
NZ2021 Blenheim2:55pm
NZ446 Auckland3:00pm
NZ8568 Tauranga3:20pm
JQ266 Auckland3:25pm
NZ2236 Gisborne3:25pm
NZ472 Auckland3:30pm
NZ2031 Blenheim3:30pm
NZ5020 Hamilton3:30pm
NZ8582 Rotorua3:35pm
NZ351 Christchurch4:00pm
SA61 Picton4:00pm
NZ452 Auckland4:00pm
NZ8131 Nelson4:05pm
NZ2581 Westport4:10pm
NZ8456 Napier4:10pm
NZ8025 Blenheim4:25pm
NZ8848 New Plymouth4:30pm
NZ2422 Palmerston Nth4:35pm
SA71 Picton4:45pm
NZ458 Auckland5:05pm
NZ8075 Invercargill5:05pm
NZ353 Christchurch5:20pm
NZ464 Auckland5:30pm
NZ2192 Whangarei5:35pm
SA75 Blenheim5:45pm
JQ289 Christchurch5:50pm
NZ2305 Timaru6:00pm
SA73 Wanganui6:00pm
NZ8103 Nelson6:00pm
NZ460 Auckland6:05pm
NZ8588 Rotorua6:05pm
VA108INTLBrisbane12:20amBags Arriving On Belt 3
JQ263 Auckland7:05amAll Bags On Belt 2
JQ286 Christchurch7:45amLanded 7:30am
NZ405 Auckland8:00amBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ2231 Gisborne8:05amLanded 8:05am
NZ8150 Nelson8:05amLanded 8:00am
JQ273 Auckland8:20amAll Bags On Belt 2
NZ5031 Hamilton8:50amLanded 8:35am
NZ8541 Rotorua8:50amLanded 8:44am
NZ8455 Napier8:55amLanded 9:35am
NZ334 Christchurch8:55amBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ2472 Blenheim8:55amLanded 8:50am
NZ411 Auckland9:00amLanded 9:29am
NZ415 Auckland9:25amLanded 9:27am
NZ338 Christchurch10:05amLanded 10:03am
NZ8142 Nelson10:05amLanded 10:15am
NZ417 Auckland10:25amBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ8118 Nelson10:50amLanded 11:00am
NZ2466 Blenheim10:55amLanded 10:47am
JQ265 Auckland11:00amAll Bags On Belt 2
SA322 Picton11:10am
NZ2306 Timaru11:15amAll Bags On Belt 1
JQ290 Christchurch11:20amBags Arriving On Belt 2
NZ5096 Christchurch11:55amAll Bags On Belt 1
NZ441 Auckland11:55amLanded 12:01pm
NZ8571 Tauranga12:30pmLanded 12:35pm
NZ372 Christchurch12:45pmAll Bags On Belt 1
NZ8591 Rotorua1:10pmLanded 1:20pm
NZ602 Queenstown1:15pmLanded 1:23pm
NZ8120 Nelson1:20pmBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ8853 New Plymouth1:30pmLanded 1:31pm
SA422 Picton1:40pmLanded 2:00pm
NZ2452 Blenheim1:40pmLanded 2:00pm
NZ8309 Hamilton1:50pmBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ439 Auckland2:00pmLanded 1:57pm
VA104INTLBrisbane2:10pmLanded 2:12pm
NZ2586 Westport2:15pmLanded 2:05pm
NZ846INTLSydney2:30pmBags Arriving On Belt 3
NZ2235 Gisborne2:40pmLanded 5:35pm
NZ5332 Christchurch2:45pmLanded 2:43pm
NZ8130 Nelson2:45pmLanded 2:37pm
QF161INTLSydney2:45pmBags Arriving On Belt 3
JQ267 Auckland2:55pmAll Bags On Belt 2
SA522 Picton3:10pm
QF171INTLMelbourne3:25pmLanded 3:08pm
NZ457 Auckland3:30pmBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ8843 New Plymouth3:45pmLanded 3:44pm
NZ8048 Christchurch3:55pmLanded 3:47pm
NZ2507 Taupo4:05pmLanded 3:52pm
NZ2448 Blenheim4:10pmLanded 4:04pm
NZ445 Auckland4:30pmBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ8122 Nelson4:50pmBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ5040 Christchurch5:00pmBags Arriving On Belt 1
NZ8553 Tauranga5:10pmAll Bags On Belt 1
JQ288 Christchurch5:20pmAll Bags On Belt 2
NZ449 Auckland5:25pmLanded 5:24pm
NZ8152 Nelson5:25pmLanded 5:21pm
NZ2458 Blenheim5:35pmLanded 5:27pm
NZ354 Christchurch5:45pmLanded 5:43pm
SA72 Picton5:55pm
NZ2304 Timaru5:55pmCancelled
NZ2423 Palmerston Nth6:10pmLanded 6:07pm
SA68 Nelson6:10pm
SA766 Blenheim6:10pm
JQ261 Auckland6:15pm
NZ8465 Napier6:30pm
NZ8140 Nelson6:50pmNow Arrives At 7:10pm
NZ463 Auckland6:55pmNow Arrives At 7:05pm
NZ358 Christchurch7:00pm
SA82 Picton7:25pm
NZ5320 Dunedin7:40pmNow Arrives At 7:50pm
SA866 Blenheim7:50pm
JQ269 Auckland8:00pm
NZ8138 Nelson8:00pm
NZ467 Auckland8:10pm
JQ283 Auckland8:35pm
NZ475 Auckland9:15pm
JQ263 Auckland7:05am
SA16 Blenheim7:10am
NZ2501 Taupo7:20am
SA14 Wanganui7:30am
NZ2484 Blenheim7:35am
NZ8148 Nelson7:35am
NZ8447 Napier7:40am
JQ286 Christchurch7:45am
NZ5608 Christchurch7:45am
SA18 Nelson7:50am
NZ8833 New Plymouth7:50am
NZ8635 Rotorua7:55am
NZ2300 Timaru8:00am
NZ412 Dunedin8:00am
NZ2231 Gisborne8:00am
JQ273 Auckland8:00am
NZ5081 Hamilton8:10am
NZ8565 Tauranga8:15am
NZ8074 Invercargill8:25am
JQ293 Auckland8:30am
NZ407 Auckland8:30am
SA26 Blenheim8:45am
NZ2472 Blenheim8:55am
NZ411 Auckland9:00am
SA12 Picton9:10am
NZ8146 Nelson9:15am
NZ2028 Blenheim9:20am
NZ415 Auckland9:35am
NZ8563 Hamilton9:45am
NZ2460 Blenheim9:45am
NZ8902 Blenheim10:20am
NZ2462 Blenheim10:35am
NZ417 Auckland10:40am
NZ338 Christchurch10:45am
NZ5048 Dunedin10:50am
NZ8579 Tauranga10:50am
NZ2588 Westport11:00am
JQ265 Auckland11:00am
NZ8453 Napier11:00am
SA322 Picton11:10am
NZ5083 Hamilton11:15am
JQ290 Christchurch11:20am
NZ8118 Nelson11:20am
NZ8585 Rotorua11:25am
NZ342 Christchurch11:35am
NZ421 Auckland11:45am
CV12 Chatham Island11:45am
NZ8110 Nelson11:50am
NZ2454 Blenheim12:15pm
NZ2429 Palmerston Nth12:25pm
NZ427 Auckland12:45pm
NZ8068 Christchurch12:45pm
SA36 Blenheim12:45pm
NZ2302 Timaru1:00pm
NZ5032 Dunedin1:15pm
NZ8084 Invercargill1:30pm
SA422 Picton1:40pm
NZ2515 Taupo1:45pm
NZ2470 Blenheim1:45pm
NZ8461 Napier1:50pm
NZ419 Auckland1:55pm
NZ8106 Nelson2:05pm
NZ8577 Tauranga2:10pm
NZ346 Christchurch2:15pm
NZ2034 Blenheim2:25pm
NZ2235 Gisborne2:35pm
NZ439 Auckland2:40pm
NZ5406 Queenstown2:45pm
NZ8130 Nelson2:50pm
NZ2030 Blenheim2:55pm
JQ267 Auckland2:55pm
NZ604 Queenstown2:55pm
SA48 Nelson3:00pm
NZ8042 Christchurch3:00pm
NZ457 Auckland3:25pm
NZ8843 New Plymouth3:30pm
NZ2450 Blenheim3:35pm
NZ352 Christchurch3:35pm
NZ8136 Nelson3:50pm
NZ8569 Tauranga4:00pm
NZ2022 Blenheim4:10pm
NZ445 Auckland4:30pm
NZ8459 Napier4:40pm
NZ354 Christchurch4:45pm
NZ2505 Taupo5:10pm
SA62 Picton5:10pm
JQ288 Christchurch5:20pm
NZ449 Auckland5:30pm
NZ8024 Blenheim5:35pm
NZ2304 Timaru5:35pm
NZ8152 Nelson5:40pm
SA72 Picton5:55pm
NZ451 Auckland6:00pm
NZ5328 Dunedin6:05pm
NZ2237 Gisborne6:05pm
NZ2421 Palmerston Nth6:05pm
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Wellington love

2014 Community Awards now open
2014 Community Awards now open

The Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards celebrate the contribution of volunteers to community groups across the region. Nominations are now open for the 2014 awards.

At the airport

$50 for up to 4 days parking
$50 for up to 4 days parking

Park in the Uncovered car park for up to 4 days for $50. Arrive on a Friday or Saturday during April or May only. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Only available when you book online. Terms and conditions apply.