Wellington Airport disappointed with Council decision

20 December 2012

Wellington Airport has every confidence that the NZTA have the right answer with the plans for the Basin Reserve flyover. “The NZTA have undertaken extensive and expert analysis to recommend the flyover and we fully trust they have the right answer,” said Steve Sanderson, Wellington Airport’s Chief Executive.   

”We are very disappointed with the Council’s move to review the thoroughly researched plans. This procrastination is going to not only delay critical improvements in our city’s infrastructure, but undermines government funding that is vital to Wellington’s economic growth.”

Mr Sanderson said passenger numbers are forecast to double from five to ten million by 2030. “Reducing congestion along this route and providing capacity for growth is crucial – this move puts $1.4b of regional GDP from this growth at risk.” 

One of Wellington’s points of difference is having a genuine city airport only 6-7km from the CBD. Business and leisure travellers value their travel time and Wellington is a great base for visitors to easily fly in and out. These advantages are already being eroded and will only get worse without a great connection to the CBD and out to the wider regions. 

“Travel times in Wellington already have significant variations due to congestion with the trip between the Airport and CBD taking between 13 and 45 minutes. We are fully supportive of the NZTA’s thorough research and analysis for the flyover which will promote public transport and make it easier and safer for everyone to travel.”

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