Wellington Airport welcomes Phoenix players home

25 Aug 2020

QF 737-800 arriving in Wellington with Phoenix players onboard

Wellington Airport says its processes for keeping international arrivals separate from other passengers were demonstrated successfully today with the arrival of the Phoenix into Wellington.

Ayolt Wiertsema, Wellington Airport’s General Manager Aeronautical Operations said “We were pleased to welcome the Phoenix players back smoothly today after their successful season”.

“All arriving players entered the terminal via a separate corridor and were kept apart from other airport users as they passed through border processes and the baggage claim area. The players exited the terminal via a non-public door where they immediately boarded a bus directly to their hotel. All areas accessed by the players are now being deep cleaned as an extra precaution”.

“This new process has been designed for use in the event of a Pacific Safe Zone and we are pleased to have seen it in action today”.

“We’re unsure when to expect more international arrivals but we have the infrastructure and processes in place when the time comes”.

Wellington Phoenix General Manager, David Dome says that the club is grateful to Wellington Airport for their role in facilitating the players and coaching staff’s return.

“Our players and staff are glad to be home after nine long weeks in isolation, and are looking forward to reuniting with their families and loved ones again following the required hotel quarantine period.”