Wellington Airport announces new Board appointment

13 Apr 2022

Today, Wellington Airport was informed by Infratil, its majority shareholder, that Tim Brown’s long directorship of the Airport will end on 15 April.

Mr Brown previously announced his retirement from Morrison & Co and Infratil, and that he would step down as Chair of the Wellington Airport Board. He has remained on the Board for a transition period.

Mr Brown has been a Director of the Airport since 1999 and has overseen almost its entire journey from part-privatisation in 1997. The 23-year period of his directorship has seen astounding change at the Airport, much of which has been driven by Mr Brown’s enthusiasm and vision. The terminal buildings have been entirely redeveloped and bear no resemblance to the “tin shed” of the 1990s, while the Airport campus has continued to grow, thrive and change despite the recent challenges of Covid-19.

Mr Brown is in large part responsible for the Airport’s quirky character, vibrant customer offering, and strong support of Wellington business and events. He has driven the Airport’s investments in Wellington’s art and entertainment scene and the entire city has benefited from his input, in this role and in others.

The new Director appointed by Infratil will be Rachel Drew. As a former executive at NZ Bus and director at Porterbrook (UK rail leasing) and other regulated UK entities, Rachel brings extensive transport, governance and executive experience to the Wellington Airport Board. Her experience across these areas will help Wellington Airport drive forward its strategic priorities and Covid recovery plans. Rachel has worked for Morrison & Co since 2006 and holds a MBA from the University of Cambridge and a Masters of Engineering from the University of Auckland.