Last pieces of the facade in place for Wellington Airport’s new transport hub

21 May 2018

A major milestone for Wellington Airport’s new multi-level car park and transport hub has been achieved with the last panels on the exterior cladding of the building fitted.

The nine-story structure is now fully enclosed and the final phase of an internal fit-out is now underway before the hub is opened to travellers and visitors mid-2018.

The design created by architecture firm Archaus, took inspiration from natural colours found in the landscape, coastal environment, hills and sky to enable the building to blend into the airport’s surrounding area. The coloured panels alternate gradually across the facade creating a pixelated landscape on each side of the building.

Wellington Airport’s GM Infrastructure John Howarth said: “We wanted to ensure that the facade was as sympathetic to its surroundings as possible.

Wellington has the benefit of having an airport that is very close to the central business district, but that does mean a balance between growth needs and being part of our adjoining suburbs.

Not many airports within New Zealand would need make these considerations, but it was important to us to ensure the building looked good and blended into its environment for our neighbours– this also included attention to smaller details like curved edges to the building’s corners.”

The panels, made from perforated aluminum also provide natural ventilation while enveloping the car park.

The multi-level car park will add over 1,000 car parking spaces and features a parking guidance system as well as electric charging stations for electric vehicles. The ground floor transport hub has an expanded area for bus and shuttle pick-up and drop-off.

The multi-level car park also frees up space for a larger free pick-up and drop off area, as well as additional entry and exit gates and an expanded area for bike storage.

Outside of the multi-level car park and transport hub a ride-sharing zone, taxi stands, rental car zone as well as valet and a range of other parking products will be available for travellers.