Ben & Jerry’s set to land at Wellington Airport

12 Aug 2019

Wellington Airport is set to be home to Ben & Jerry’s most innovative store yet.

In a world first, Ben & Jerry’s airport scoop shop boasts the least packaging out of 577 global stores.

These sustainable developments continue Ben & Jerry’s long-standing mission of leveraging innovation to better the planet and serve up the tastiest, eco-friendly solution there is, featuring:

  • No ice-cream cups, only cones
  • Certified compostable bioplastic shake and sundae cups made from plants not oils
  • Napkins made from recycled materials

Bert Naber, Country Manager Ben & Jerry’s, Australia and New Zealand, says that Kiwis’ love for Ben & Jerry’s has facilitated the brand’s growth throughout the country and therefore allows for continued innovation.

“Our social mission lies at the heart of everything we do, increasing our impact as the business continues to grow”, he says. “Our Wellington airport scoop shop allows us to continue this mission and makes it easier for Kiwis to get a hold of our famous chunks and swirls”.

The Wellington Airport store will officially open on Saturday 17th August, located by gate 20 in the domestic terminal.

No matter if you are arriving or departing from the creative capital, make sure you schedule a stopover at the new Ben & Jerry’s store for a first-class scoop of chunkalicious ice cream.