Seawall Maintenance

8 Apr 2022

We are undertaking essential maintenance on the marine defence structures (the seawall) at Moa Point Road to maintain its resiliency and mitigate further erosion.

The seawall protects Moa Point Road, the essential infrastructure behind it, and the airport from inundation and erosion. Large storms over the past couple of years have caused significant wear and tear to the western seawall, in the area between the crest of the seawall itself and the road.

This maintenance work will restore eroded parts of the seawall back to its original position. Contractors will replenish the areas of eroded fill, place a geotextile filter cloth to prevent further erosion and replace the missing capping rock over the fill.

The work will be undertaken during April and May 2022.

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Large storms in recent years have caused significant wear and tear to the seawall.

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