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Departures: Today, Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

Flight #   To Scheduled Estimated Gate Status
NZ464 Auckland5:30pm5:30pm17Departed 5:29pm
NZ2192 Whangarei5:35pm5:35pm15Departed 5:35pm
SA65 Blenheim5:45pm5:45pm4Departed 5:35pm
JQ289 Christchurch5:50pm5:50pm21Final Call
SA67 Nelson6:00pm6:00pm4Departed 5:49pm
NZ8103 Nelson6:00pm6:00pm12Departed 5:58pm
NZ2305 Timaru6:00pm6:00pm6Departed 6:00pm
NZ8588 Rotorua6:05pm6:05pm14Departed 6:02pm
NZ460 Auckland6:05pm6:05pm16Departed 6:02pm
NZ5088 Hamilton6:30pm6:30pm9Final Call
NZ2428 Palmerston Nth6:30pm6:30pm18Go To Gate Lounge
SA75 Blenheim6:30pm6:30pm4
SA747 Nelson6:30pm6:30pm4
NZ8029 Blenheim6:40pm6:40pm8Go To Gate Lounge
NZ474 Auckland6:40pm6:40pm10Go To Gate Lounge
NZ2238 Gisborne6:45pm6:45pm6
JQ260 Auckland6:45pm6:45pm21Go To Gate Lounge
NZ357 Christchurch6:45pm6:45pm17Go To Gate Lounge
NZ8570 Tauranga6:55pm6:55pm13Go To Gate Lounge
NZ2508 Taupo7:05pm7:05pm15Go To Gate Lounge
NZ8157 Nelson7:05pm7:05pm12Go To Gate Lounge
NZ8850 New Plymouth7:05pm7:05pm19
NZ8446 Napier7:05pm7:05pm7
NZ463 Dunedin7:30pm7:30pm16
NZ476 Auckland7:35pm7:35pm11
NZ5621 Christchurch8:00pm8:00pm14Go To Gate Lounge
SA83 Wanganui8:00pm8:00pm4
NZ478 Auckland8:30pm8:30pm10
JQ295 Auckland9:05pm10:20pm21Cancelled
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