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Wellington Airport is a vitally important piece of national infrastructure providing a significant ongoing contribution to the region’s economy. With over 8 million passengers and visitors each year, it's a great place to work and do business.

  • Monthly Traffic Reports

    Monthly reports on international and domestic passenger movements.

  • Financial

    Information for the number crunchers here, including Annual Reports, Disclosure Statements, airline consultation documents and shareholder information.

  • Retail opportunities

    Join the exciting mix of well-known local and international retail brands at Wellington Airport.

  • Property

    Wellington Airport has a diverse property portfolio of commercial, industrial, specialty retail, bulk retail and residential properties.

  • Business services

    Whether it’s using our facilities for convenient conference or parking services; filming a commercial; operating a taxi or advertising your company, Wellington Airport is a great place to do business.

  • Safety and environment

    At Wellington Airport we’re serious about safety and the environment.

  • 2030 Masterplan

    Over the next 20 years we’ll invest $450 million in aviation infrastructure to deliver a premier gateway for over 10 million passengers, ensuring our role as a significant driver of the region's economic growth.

Community Involvement